Sightseeing in Toulouse and wine tasting

What is a wine and oyster tasting in Toulouse with the Foodies Connexion? We work with our local partners to offer delicious Toulouse sightseeing. To match the oysters, light white wines will be highlighted in these tastings. As the subtle flavours of oysters can easily be overwhelmed by overpowering wines, we will privilege grape varieties such as Muscadet, Chablis, Sancerre, or Vouvray.

Bouteilles de vins - Wine tasting Toulouse

Sightseeing in Toulouse and oyster tasting​

The oyster is a delicate dish that can be wonderfully matched with a well-chosen wine, or with other sauces and different breads. We suggest you try vinegar, garlic or lemon seasonings on wheat, corn or rye breads, which are perfect with fresh barat butter.

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Caviste Toulouse - Wine tasting Toulouse

Best wine tasting Toulouse in the best wine cellar

Accessible thanks to the L1 bus at the “fourmi” stop about twenty minutes from Jean Jaurès, we strongly recommend that you go and look for the treasures contained in the Taverne d’Ali Baba. White and red wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon region, home-made preserves of meat and fish, or the famous jars of anchovies from l’Escala will delight your taste buds thanks to the advice of the passionate wine expert who runs the tavern.