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We work with our local partners to offer the best wine tasting Toulouse. Our tastings usually start with light goat and sheep cheeses, perfectly matched with light white wines with delicate, floral aromas. Then come the cheeses with more prominent characters, accompanied by red wines with a light, then powerful body, bringing the best balance in the mouth.

Bouteilles de vins - Wine tasting Toulouse
événement de dégustations de fromages à Toulouse - tastings in Toulouse

...and discover the delight of pairing with the best cheeses

Carefully selected from our cheese-selling partners, the Toulouse cheeses we present during our tastings are mainly produced by French artisans in Occitania but also in the four corners of France. Each tasting includes different cheeses depending on the season and the arrival of new cheeses. Goats, sheep and cows are honoured during our cheese tastings in Toulouse.

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Caviste Toulouse - Wine tasting Toulouse

Best wine tasting Toulouse in the best wine cellar

Accessible thanks to the L1 bus at the “fourmi” stop about twenty minutes from Jean Jaurès, we strongly recommend that you go and look for the treasures contained in the Taverne d’Ali Baba. White and red wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon region, home-made preserves of meat and fish, or the famous jars of anchovies from l’Escala will delight your taste buds thanks to the advice of the passionate wine expert who runs the tavern.

Our favorite cheese shop in Toulouse

Are you looking for a cheese shop in the centre of Toulouse? We recommend Massembea, a cheese and charcuterie shop located in the Saint-Aubin district, where you will find the best value for money for your cheeses, charcuterie and tapas!

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